Play is my medium for life.

I am a designer with 15 years of experience in innovative development of products, services, and experiences, all with a focus on the human experience.


  • Cultivating creativity
  • Prototype tinkering
  • Fresh socks

Some skills:

  • qualitative research
  • user experience design
  • design strategy
  • design thinking
  • portfolio planning
  • experience prototyping
  • creative facilitation
  • innovation consulting
  • visual thinking
  • one-handed clapping

Some current projects:

Blob Life – My wife and I are on a mission to help kids fight the ‘blob life’ and get them moving with toys that promote active and imaginative play.

Playful Factory – Helping kids design their own toys through online and in-person facilitation and fabrication.

Nemesis Club – Working with Playful Ventures, we created one of the top 25 escape rooms in the world… and there are more to come!

MIDE Studio – Running a design studio within a top 20 business school, helping upcoming leaders cultivate whole-minded approaches to change-making.

Project SBP – Taking a design thinking approach to facilitating the redesign of the medical residency education in collaboration with three major healthcare systems across the US.

RBC Medical – Crafting intuitive user interfaces for medical surgical devices.

Let’s play!