Play is my medium for life.

Design Strategist. Play Enthusiast. Experiential Educator.

– – –


  • cultivating creativity
  • co-creative research
  • tinkering and making
  • fresh socks

Some skills:

  • qualitative research
  • user experience design
  • design strategy
  • design thinking
  • portfolio planning
  • experience prototyping
  • creative facilitation
  • innovation consulting
  • visual thinking
  • one-handed clapping

Some current projects:

Sherwin-Williams – Leading the adoption of design thinking as a key component in the transformation of the organization’s culture, strategy, and approach to what is next for Sherwin-Williams.

Blob Life – My wife and I are on a mission to help kids fight the ‘blob life’ and get them moving with toys that promote active and imaginative play.

Playful Factory – Helping kids design their own toys through facilitation and fabrication.

Some recent projects:

Graduate Design Studio – Co-instructor for the graduate studio within Arizona State University’s industrial design program. Giving students real world experience as we venture into the world of transformation design and speculative design.

Medical Residency Education – Taking a design thinking approach to facilitating the redesign of the medical residency education in collaboration with three major healthcare systems across the United States.

RBC Medical – Crafting intuitive user interfaces for medical surgical devices.

Nemesis Club – Working with Playful Ventures, we created one of the top 25 escape rooms in the world… and there are more to come!

MIDE Studio – Running a design studio at Bucknell University within their top 20 business school, helping upcoming leaders cultivate whole-minded approaches to change-making.

Let’s make fun, together!