playing with kids emotions

As part of the interview process at Lumos Labs I worked on this weekend project, intending to help kids identify, explore, influence, and share their emotions through colorful characters. Learn more through this quick concept video:

Project Brief
Assume there is a tablet app for 2-5 year olds that uses art to encourage the development of social emotional, cognitive and motor skills. Imagine this app guides kids along with their parents to create art using objects in their home and the app itself. Now, imagine that we want to extend this app to teach the concept of sharing with others. Sharing might entail letting others contribute to their artwork, or sharing art supplies, or sharing their artwork with others. Create a high-level design flow that addresses one method of sharing. Please capture how the app communicates with the kid, how the kid interacts with the app, real world objects/spaces, and their parents. Note: these are meant to capture rough flows and design thinking, not high-fidelity designs/illustrations.

Project Documentation