15 years @ play

I have had the great opportunity of exploring at the at the crossroads of design, education, technology, and entertainment.

My passions are tinkering and teaching. I am in my element when I am doing either one of those two things, and I especially find my flow when I am doing both at once.

Tinkering is the way that I play. I have fun taking constraints and seeing what unexpected and/or useful things can be made out of them. Whether it’s by restoring retro-modern furniture with a funky twist, creating crafts with my kids, or prototyping the next product innovation, making is how I get my kicks. This is why I design.

As a teacher, I am driven by the thrill of creating a lesson plan and watching it unfold in the minds of others. I am motivated by seeing those I am teaching light up as they understand what I had hoped they would see and then watching that information explode as they go beyond and see something that I did not expect, or even know was there. This is why I teach.

Let’s play!